Research Study Abstract

Comparison of children’s free-living physical activity derived from wrist and hip raw accelerations during the segmented week

  • Published on Nov 2017

This study assessed children’s physical activity (PA) levels derived from wrist-worn GENEActiv and hip-worn ActiGraph GT3X+ accelerometers and examined the comparability of PA levels between the two devices throughout the segmented week. One hundred and twenty-nine 9-10-year-old children (79 girls) wore a GENEActiv (GAwrist) and ActiGraph GT3X+ (AGhip) accelerometer on the left wrist and right hip, respectively, for 7 days. Mean minutes of light PA (LPA) and moderate-to-vigorous PA (MVPA) per weekday (whole-day, before-school, school and after-school) and weekend day (whole-day, morning and afternoon-evening) segments were calculated, and expressed as percentage of segment time. Repeated measures analysis of variance examined differences in LPA and MVPA between GAwrist and AGhip for each time segment. Bland-Altman plots assessed between-device agreement for LPA and MVPA for whole weekday and whole weekend day segments. Correlations between GAwrist and AGhip were weak for LPA (r = 0.18-0.28), but strong for MVPA (r = 0.80-0.86). LPA and MVPA levels during all weekday and weekend day segments were significantly higher for GAwrist than AGhip (p < 0.001). The largest inter-device percent difference of 26% was observed in LPA during the school day segment. Our data suggest that correction factors are needed to improve raw PA level comparability between GAwrist and AGhip.


  • Noonan RJ 1
  • Boddy LM 1
  • Kim Y 2
  • Knowles ZR 1
  • Fairclough SJ 3,4


  • 1

    Physical Activity Exchange, Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences , Liverpool John Moores University , Liverpool , UK.

  • 2

    MRC Epidemiology Unit , University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine , Cambridge , UK.

  • 3

    Department of Sport and Physical Activity , Edge Hill University , Ormskirk , UK.

  • 4

    Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences , University of Limerick , Limerick , Ireland.


Journal of Sports Sciences


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