Version 3.2.1 — May 2013

Version 3.1.0 — March 2013

Version 2.5.0 — June 2012

*Added ability to disable Idle Sleep Mode. This allows a device to never enter Sleep Mode when no activity is sensed. * Fixed an issue where a device might enter sleep mode in very low activity levels.

Version 2.4.0 — February 2012

• Added firmware to support new battery charger

Version 2.3.0 — December 2011

• Fixed a bug with 512MB devices that allowed units to continue taking data even though memory is full. • Fixed a bug where the root directory table gets corrupted and does not allow the unit to be downloaded. Data in this situation is actually good and can be recovered. • Fixed a bug that did not allow the red LED to continue to flash if a hardware error occurs to indicate the units needs to be sent back to ActiGraph (This is a single 0.5 second on, 0.5 second off, red LED flash).

Version 2.2.0 — September 2011

Increased accelerometer start-up delay to correct manufacturing test issues and also improve sleep mode reliability. False positives for detected motion that cause sleep mode to exit have been reduced.

Version 2.1.0 — July 2011

• Fixed incorrect logic that could cause up to 15 seconds of data at the very end of recording to be dropped. • Increased the battery log size to allow for longer diagnostic recording with 512 MB devices.

Version 2.0.0 — May 2011

• Implemented a more error tolerant firmware update process. • Lux and battery are now committed to non-volatile memory in a single batch to improve power efficiency. • Corrected USB and LED behavior when halting after a power interruption is detected in delay or active logging modes. • Fixed a bug that could cause loss of some battery log data.