Version 3.30.0 — August 2021

Added Freedson Adult METs (1998) Added new version Freedson 98 Cut Points

Minor Bugfix for webhook events when requeuing uploads

Version 3.29.0 — June 2021

Added the ability to WearAwake filter daily endpoints

Version 3.26.0 — April 2021

NewAbility to PUSH daily CPW01 Event Markers (via the ‘dailystatisticscomplete’ webhook)
NewBug fixes & system optimizations/improvements

Version 3.25.0 — March 2021

FixedFixed issue in CP RAW Data Exports feature that caused GT3X data files to be split up by disproportionate ranges
FixedFixed issue that prevented ability to convert GT3X timestamps in ActiLife from UTC to local timezone if GT3X file was produced in CentrePoint
FixedOther bug fixes/improvements

Version 3.22.0 — January 2021

ImprovedAdded begin and end date time fields to CP3 API uploads endpoint