Version 3.17.0 — last month

NewAbility to calcuate sleep fragmentation index to measure restlessness for a given subject
ImprovedSupport for CentrePoint Data Hubs on LTE cellular networks

Version 3.16.0 — May 2020

NewSupport for activating CentrePoint Data Hubs with SIM cards on T-mobile network

Version 3.15.0 — May 2020

ImprovedAdded label to denote if an upload was incomplete on the subject timeline view
ImprovedAbility to auto retry unsuccessful webhook after 24 hour period
ImprovedAbility to manually re-send a previous webhook in the CP Webhooks Management feature
ImprovedAdded properties to the webhooks history calls in CP2 & CP3 API that make it easier to diagnose webhook related issues

Version 3.14.0 — April 2020

NewAnalytics Data PUSH: Introduction of PUSH service architecture that supports pushing subject daily summary records to Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems

Version 3.13.0 — March 2020

NewCustomer-facing Webhooks Management
NewSupport for HTTP Basic Authentication in the CP Webhooks System
ImprovedAbility to view username of an entry in the operator audit log if/when performed by a Sys Admin

Version 3.12.0 — March 2020

NewSupport for viewing/exporting step counts from the CP Web Portal for subjects utilizing the CentrePoint Insight Watch (CPW)
FixedFixed issue in the CP3 API where 'next' and 'previous' links for pagination consisted of an incorrect URL

Version 3.11.1 — February 2020

NewCP2 API: Added WearTime Begin and WearTime End dates in the subject's timezone for the GET Wear Periods API call
ImprovedCP3 API: Prevents resource starvation in data retrieval API by automatically canceling/ending that have been 'In Progress' after an arbitrary period of time
FixedFixed issue which caused the processing of RAW-only uploads to fail if subject had 'Ankle' as wear posiiton