Version 3.17.0 — June 2022

FixedEnhanced Instructions for CPIW Driver Installation: If ActiSync determines that the driver used to update the firmware is missing, additional information was added to help ensure that the correct driver is being loaded.
FixedFixed issue while updating the CPIW firmware using ActiSync, the device gets stuck in update mode and never completes the update

Version 3.16.0 — April 2022

NewAdded support for CPIW 2.0 temperature collection

Version 3.15.0 — January 2021

NewAdded support for the new CentrePoint Insight Watch variants.

Version 3.14.0 — August 2021

FixedFixed a rare issue where the data on an activity monitor is cleared without downloading the data from the activity monitor.

Version 3.13.0 — April 2021

ImprovedIntegrated optional recovery of raw and/or epoch data whenever the download does not result in 100% of the expected amount of data. This process downloads as much data as possible and proceeds with the upload. This is supported by the following monitors: wGT3x+, wGT3x-BT, and GT9X (Link)

Version 3.12.0 — August 2020

ImprovedUpdated installer to provide the ability to manually install the driver to handle the CPW monitor when in DFU mode on firmware update
ImprovedUpdated DFU Recovery button on the ActiSync idle window to check if the DFU driver is installed and provide the ability to install the driver manually if it is not installed.
ImprovedUpdated firmware update process for the CPW Monitor to check if the DFU driver is installed and provide the ability to install the driver manually if it is not installed.

Version 3.11.1 — May 2020

ImprovedIncorporated data integrity checks to mitigate issue of clients uploading corrupted data
FixedAdded dependency to installer to mitigate issue where CPW monitor can get stuck in DFU mode on FW update

Version 3.10.0 — December 2019

NewAbility to downgrade/upgrade activity monitor firmware to targeted study version

Version 3.9.2 — September 2019

ImprovedPrevented/resolved scenario where CPW01 monitor can upload same data twice upon firmware upgrade

Version 3.9.1 — February 2019

ImprovedImproved sync progress in ActiSync for CPW01 Insight Watch
ImprovedImproved monitor images for CPW01 Insight Watch, GT9X Link, and wGT3X-BT
FixedFixed issues regarding firmware upgrade workflow of CPW01 (Insight Watch)
FixedOther bug fixes/enhancements