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The PAM-RL Ambulatory Device for Detection of Periodic Leg Movements: A Validation Study

  • Published on 09/01/2005

The following fundamental research was not performed explicitly using an ActiGraph device. However, the theories developed in this paper are used extensively in ActiGraph’s ActiLife software. Background and Purpose Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is usually associated with periodic leg movements (PLM) occurring during wakefulness and sleep. The PLM index ...

Evaluation of a Questionnaire to Assess Sedentary and Active Behaviors in the Southern Community Cohort Study

  • Added on August 2, 2011

Background Low physical activity (PA) is linked to cancer and other diseases prevalent in racial/ethnic minorities and low-income populations. This study evaluated the PA questionnaire (PAQ) used in the Southern Cohort Community Study, a prospective investigation of health disparities between African-American and white adults. Methods The PAQ was administered ...