ActiLife 6

ActiLife is ActiGraph’s premier actigraphy data analysis software platform. Trusted by researchers and healthcare providers around the world, ActiLife is used to configure activity monitors for deployment and to download, process, and securely manage collected ActiGraph data.

Single (1) Full, (5) Lite

Small Enterprise (5) Full, (10) Lite

Medium Enterprise (10) Full, (15) Lite Large Enterprise (15) Full, (20) Lite

Each ActiLife license includes Full and Lite activations. The Full activation will allow you to initialize devices, download data, view/open data files, and analyze data. The Lite activation will allow you to initialize devices and download the data collected. Most of our customers will use the Full activation on a main computer and use the Lite activation on computers that will only need to utilize it’s limited functionality.

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Please contact ActiGraph for more information. This product is for prescription use only and is not intended for consumers.

Use only ActiGraph approved USB cables, hubs and power supplies. Failure to do so could lead to device failure and possibly fire.


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