Powerful Data Analysis Platform

ActiLife is ActiGraph's premier actigraphy data analysis software platform. Developed in collaboration with members of the global research community, ActiLife combines a powerful processing engine with an extensive selection of customer-driven features, analysis tools, and data management options to support a broad range of research objectives.
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Data Processing & Analysis

ActiLife’s robust screening and analysis toolkit allows users to process and score collected data
using a comprehensive selection of independently developed and validated algorithms.


Wear Time

Screen data files to flag periods of non-wear for exclusion from data analysis using several available algorithms or custom criteria.

Energy Expenditure

Estimate physical activity energy expenditure (PAEE) in kcals with 5 available equations.

Cut Points

Classify physical activity intensity using 10 available cut point sets or create a custom set of cut points.

MET Rates

Determine the average hourly, daily and per-epoch metabolic rate with 12 different MET algorithms.

Sedentary Bouts

Identify bouts of low activity and details about a subject’s sedentary behavior.

Activity Bouts

Define and detect bouts of physical activity, occurrences, time spent within bouts, and total count levels.

Heart Rate Analysis1

Calculate heart rate variables including ADL heart rate, average active heart rate, heart rate delta, average active energy expenditure, and RR interval.


Determine whether subjects are standing, sitting, or lying down and whether the ActiGraph device has been removed.

Sleep Scoring

View graphical sleep/wake activity and calculate sleep statistics such as onset, sleep latency, amount of sleep, and sleep efficiency using several validated scoring algorithms.

Features & Tools

Group Initialization

Group activity monitors during initialization to act as a single, time-synchronized sensor for applications involving the use of multiple devices on a single subject.

Initialization Templates

Create and share initialization templates to guarantee that all devices are properly configured for data collection.

Date/Time Filters

Create one or more filters to perform analysis on specific dates and/or periods of time.

GPS Correlation

Merge ActiGraph data with compatible GPS files and generate activity intensity heat maps using Google Earth.

Batch Data Exports

Export scored daily, hourly and summary data for multiple datasets and subjects as a single consolidated CSV file.

Data Comparison

Compare subject profiles and data against standardized, large scale datasets including the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).

1. The HR analysis tool can only be used with data collected by ActiTrainer or wireless enabled devices used in conjunction with a compatible heart rate monitor.
U.S. federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.


Developed specifically for advanced sleep research and clinical applications,
ActiLife+Sleep includes a variety of sophisticated sleep analysis and reporting tools.

The optional ActiLife+Sleep feature package expands upon ActiLife's basic sleep scoring capabilities to provide these additional advanced data analysis and reporting tools:

  • Autoscoring of time in bed (TIB)/time out of bed (TOB)
  • Custom sleep algorithm tool
  • Periodic limb movement (PLM) scoring tool
  • Actogram data charting
  • Batch scoring of multiple sleep data files

The +Sleep feature package can be purchased with ActiLife or as an add-on for existing ActiLife users.

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Compatible with ActiLife version 6.7.0 or later

Key ActiLife Features

ActiLife has an extensive selection of integrated customer-driven features and
analysis tools
designed to help our clients achieve a broad range of research and clinical objectives.

  • Raw Data Analytics

    ActiLife provides tools that allow users to quickly view and extract portions of large, high resolution raw datasets. The ActiLife Feature Extraction tool provides a platform for extracting time and frequency domain feature sets directly from the raw data files, which can be analyzed further using statistical analytic platforms as a method for developing application specific learning or pattern recognition algorithms.

  • ActiLife Data Vault

    ActiLife’s integrated Data Vault is a centralized cloud based repository that provides secure data storage and archiving and enables users to seamlessly share data across multiple sites. With constant backups to provide protection against data loss, the ActiLife Data Vault reduces local system requirements and IT workload associated with onsite storage and management of large amounts of raw study data.

  • ActiLife API

    The ActiLife API allows users to develop their own custom applications to automate device deployments and downloads by enabling programmatic control of the software over a standard socket. The ActiLife API is designed to run within closed systems, ensuring regulatory compliance is not compromised during data collection.

The ActiLife platform is robust and intuitive , and the software team are incredibly receptive and responsive to the changing science of accelerometry measurement and analysis.

- Simon Marshall, UCSD -

ActiLife 6.13 Latest Features

The ActiLife development team is constantly working to deliver new features and tools that expand the utility of the program, improve the client experience, and meet the evolving needs of the research community.
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Batch Sleep Scoring

Calculate sleep periods, sleep metrics and export results for multiple files.

New Cut Point Sets

Add six new cut point sets. Nero (2015) Parkinson's Disease VM and Y-Axis, Johansson (2014) Preschoolers VM and Y-Axis, Keadle (2014) Women's Health VM and Y-Axis.

ActiLife Maintenance Program

ActiLife’s optional maintenance and service program provides continued access to
the program’s latest features and updates, premium support and more.

All ActiLife software licenses are automatically covered by ActiGraph’s maintenance and service program for one year from the date of purchase. Users can elect to renew this annual agreement to continue receiving its many benefits, which include:

  • Access to all feature updates and bug fixes
  • Access to private training sessions
  • Unlimited Tier 2 premium technical support
  • 20GB of free Data Vault storage

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New ActiLife licenses automatically include a one year maintenance agreement. You have the option to include additional years to your plan at the time of purchase.

1 Year

Additional coverage with the ActiGraph's Maintenance Plan

  • Single $299
  • Sm Enterprise $670
  • Md Enterprise $1,315
  • Lg Enterprise $1,915

2 Years

Additional coverage with the ActiGraph's Maintenance Plan

  • Single $530
  • Sm Enterprise $1,255
  • Md Enterprise $2,515
  • Lg Enterprise $3,700

3 Years

Additional coverage with the ActiGraph's Maintenance Plan

  • Single $770
  • Sm Enterprise $1,835
  • Md Enterprise $3,690
  • Lg Enterprise $5,515

4 Years

Additional coverage with the ActiGraph's Maintenance Plan

  • Single $985
  • Sm Enterprise $2,350
  • Md Enterprise $4,700
  • Lg Enterprise $6,925
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