ActiLife is ActiGraph's premier actigraphy data analysis software platform. Trusted by researchers and healthcare providers around the world, ActiLife is used to configure activity monitors for deployment and to download, process, and securely manage collected ActiGraph data.

New License Purchases


One (1) Full
Five (5) Lite activations


Five (5) Full
Ten (10) Lite activations


Ten (10) Full
Fifteen (15) Lite activations


Fifteen (15) Full
Twenty (20) Lite activations

Note: Full versions of ActiLife provide users with complete access to all features and analysis tools. ActiLife Lite can only be used to initialize devices and download files; data cannot be viewed, processed or analyzed.

Maintenance program

ActiLife’s optional maintenance and service program provides continued access to the latest features and updates, mobile apps, premium support, and more. All new ActiLife software licenses are automatically covered by ActiGraph’s maintenance and service program for one year from the date of purchase. Users can elect to renew this annual agreement to continue receiving its many benefits, which include:

  • Access to all feature updates and bug fixes
  • Access to private training webinars
  • Unlimited premium technical support
  • 20GB of free Data Vault storage

Note: New ActiLife licenses automatically include a one year maintenance agreement. You have the option to include additional years to your plan at the time of purchase.

Read our maintenance program policies


ActiLife maintenance renewal for Single licenses


ActiLife maintenance renewal for Enterprise licenses



ActiLife Advanced +Sleep licenses

The optional ActiLife+Sleep feature package expands upon ActiLife's basic sleep scoring capabilities to provide these additional advanced data analysis and reporting tools:

  • Autoscoring of time in bed (TIB)/time out of bed (TOB)
  • Custom sleep algorithm tool
  • Periodic limb movement (PLM) scoring tool
  • Actogram data charting
  • Batch scoring of multiple sleep data files

The +Sleep feature package can be purchased with ActiLife or as an add-on for existing ActiLife users.


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