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Actigraphic Investigations on the Activity-Rest Behavior Of Right- and Left-Handed Students

  • Published on 2006

Abstract The aim of this study was to explore differences between left-and right-handed subjects in sleep duration. Sleep and activity patterns were continuously registered for 12 days using actometers on 20 left-handed and 20 right-handed medical students in Berlin. Handedness was determined by a modified version of the Edinburgh handedness inventory. Each participant ...

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Assessing Symptoms and Activity Level

  • Added on September 21, 2010

Abstract Current approaches to the diagnosis and assessment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) rely primarily on scales that measure only the occurrence of various symptoms related to CFS. Such approaches do not provide information on either the severity of symptoms or on fluctuations in symptom severity and activity level that ...

Characterizing Free-Living Light Exposure Using a Wrist-Worn Light Monitor

  • Published on January 2002

Abstract It was the purpose of this study to pilot the use of a new wrist-worn light monitoring device to document that indoor lighting for a particular day-shift work environment could serve as the primary light exposure dosage in healthy free-living humans. Twelve employees of a local hospital volunteered to ...

Change in Physical Activity Intensity Predicts Change in Percent Body Fat

  • Published on April 2002

Abstract The purpose of this study was to determine the extent to which objectively measured physical activity (PA) and intensity of physical activity (INT) predict changes in percent body fat (BF%) over 20 months in middle-aged women. All subjects were age 35-45 at baseline (mean=40.0 yrs), pre-menopausal, non-smokers, and had BMI’...